and then i fell (again)….


I’m afraid to fly

And i don’t know why

I’m jealous of the people who are not afraid to die

It’s just that I recall

Back when I was small

Someone promise that they’d catch me

But then they let me fall

And now I’m fallin

Fallin fast again

Why do I always take a fall

When I fall in love

You think by now i’ve learned

Play with fire

You’ll get burn

But fire can be oh so warm

And that’s why i return

Turn and walk away

That’s what i should do

My head says go and find the door

My heart says i found you

And now I’m fallin

Catch me if you can

Maybe this time I’ll have it all

When I fall in love

Loving someone…

I only got me to blame

help me i’m fallin fallin

Catch me if you can

Maybe this time i’ll have it all

Maybe i’ll make it after all

Maybe this time

I won’t fall

When I fall in love

Oh ohh



how many of us, at one point in our lives, told ourselves that we’ll no longer fall for somebody (whom we can’t really have in the first place)? we tried so hard to guard our hearts and remind ourselves that this is just one of those days when all we wanted is to be adventurous, to say the least…or to try something different for a change. but the next thing we would know, is that we are falling so fast that we can hardly find something to hold on to and keep us from falling all the more. so fast that we’ll fall flat on our face, bruised…hurt and worst, alone.

some times you’d meet someone who’d promise not to leave you no matter what…no matter how complicated the situation is, somehow you’d believe in happy-ever-after endings. you’d believe there’s a chance…a fair chance no matter how unfair and confusing the situation is. sometimes you go blind to even see that you’re just merely wishful thinking…trying so damn hard to make yourself believe that there’s a chance for you to be finally happy…with that somebody who makes you more than happy…with that somebody who makes you feel alive.

and then reality strikes…remember the certain “high” you felt when you realize that special connection between the two of you? now, that “high” is directly proportional to how “low” you’d feel when you finally come to your senses and learn the hard way that some things are just not meant to be. or maybe they are…for a limited time only though.

so you think you’re one of those who guards their hearts with their dear life so they won’t get hurt in the end? i tell you…sometimes, those people are exactly the ones who get to have their hearts really broken. because no matter how hard they deny it…they easily fall in that trap some people call LOVE.



~ by iamsutil on June 2, 2008.

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