why can’t love be simple?

How Can I Tell Him


He knows when I’m lonesome, he cries when I’m sad.
He’s up in the good times, he’s down in the bad.
And whenever I’m discouraged, he knows just what to do.
But boy, he doesn’t know about you.I can tell him my troubles, he makes them all seem right.
I can make up excuses, not to hold him at night.
We can talk of tomorrow, I’ll tell him things I want to do.
But boy, how can I tell him about you?How can I tell him about you?
Boy, please tell me what to do.
Everything seems right, whenever I’m with you.
So boy, won’t you tell me, how to tell him about you.

How can I tell himI don’t miss him, whenever I’m away?
How can I say it’s you I think of, every single night and day?
And when is it easy, telling someone we’re through?
Ah boy, help me tell him about you.

How can I tell him about you?
Boy, please tell me what to do.
Everything seems right, whenever I’m with you.
So boy, won’t you tell me, how to tell him about you.



(note: used him instead of her intentionally…)

ahhh…the complexities of forbidden love.  when i was younger, i never thought love can be complicated.  i thought all you need is somebody who would care and long for you and you, feeling the same towards that person.  i never did realize that sometimes, love can’t be just that simple. 

i once heard somebody say that she doesn’t want to fall in love (again) because it just makes things complicated.  dumbfounded…i asked her why.  she said that when you love, you tend to expect..demand and believe in promises. whereas when you don’t, you just take things as it is.  you go with the flow.  at the back of your mind, there’s this thinking “all these will soon fade, so don’t hold on to it…else, you’d get hurt.”

but is getting hurt part of being in love?  you won’t know what real happiness love brings if you don’t get hurt. but also, why get hurt when you are in love?  love is supposed to be a wonderful feeling…a feeling that gives you this certain “high” like you’re on top of the world. 

hmm..reality bites though.  nothing is perfect.  everything…as in everything would tend to mess up sooner or later.  whether you like it or not, you’d find yourself not in that “perfect” situation you found yourself before. 

and this brings me to this question…should “LOVE” just be taken so lightly, like my friend told me?  just live the moment, stop worrying and think that whatever your feeling will just pass…just like the feeling when you have a headache or when your gums are sore because your dentist put too much pressure on your braces the last time you visited for an adjustment?  damn, what the hell am i saying? 

i wish LOVE can be just as perfect as i’ve thought it to be.  i wish nobody gets hurt…i wish they just stay as happy as they are in the beginning.  and i wish their love…or whatever they have right now doesn’t hurt those people around them. 

i can just wish forever and not stop.  because i still believe in Love.  i got hurt so many times before..and well, still aching at times. but no matter what happens, i still believe that love is the most wonderful feeling of all. and for me, it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.




~ by iamsutil on May 29, 2008.

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