let me tell you a story…i have here niknok and pokwang…pokwang has been married for years now and has 2 kids while niknok has been on an on-off relationship with her girlfriend since their college years.  ’twas very unlikely that these two people would meet…but what the heck, they somehow did.  the meeting was, well, not really that good since the two didn’t even talk or were formally introduced and days after, one of them had to leave for abroad while the other one decided to go on and find another job.

so, was that the end of the story?  NO. because if it is…then i won’t be writing about them now. (smirks)

some might be asking why bother writing about them.  well, being a hopeless romantic that i was…and i think, i still am…i believe in soulmates.  i always believe that there’s somebody out there who would be your match.  it may be not in this lifetime…but maybe in the next…or the next…whatever.  but i also believe….and still trying to believe that once you decide to get married to somebody, you would love that person no matter what. and that no other person could take that love away.  it’s like…when you get married, you’re “doomed” (sorry, lacking appropriate words here) to be with that person all your life.  i’ve seen a lot of starry-eyed couples who got married and led a very happy and fulfilling life….in the beginning, that is.  actually, i know one who i never thought would part ways eventually.  the reason?  third party.

for this entry, i just want to write about these situations.  married or committed couples finding somebody else outside their existing relationships.  some would say, the other man/girl is way better than their current (damn this excuse! agrrrr) and some would say that the other man/girl makes them feel special that their current beau no longer does to them.  who is to blame?  the couple? or the third party who knows in the first place what she’s/he’s getting into but still went thru it?

going back to the couple i personally know…i honestly blamed the guy for having an affair…hated him for not even thinking bout his kid.  but later on, i realized, both of them are at fault.  the girl, though already married, prioritized her parents than her new family.  and like we all know…”absence makes the heart look somewhere else,” cliche as it is true. who would want somebody who would prefer to be somewhere else than be where you are? somebody who would make you feel less important?  or somebody who will make you beg just to make things work out between the two of you.


as for niknok, i’ve never seen him this happy before.  well, he is one jolly type of person…but being close to him, i would know if he’s frustrated about something…most especially if it concerns his relationship with her gf. but for weeks now, i haven’t seen him frown…or get lost in his thoughts.  he’s being so energetic..more like he’s been vitamins-overdosed or something.  seeing him like that makes me wish that he and pokwang would finally have their chance to be happier in what they have now.

but what about the people they would hurt eventually when they learn what’s going on?  i once asked niknok if he’s ready to give up on his gf…his answer was “i don’t know.” i asked him if he loves her still, got the same answer.  what the eff’s wrong with you, boy!?  but if i ask him if he loves pokwang..damn, he would sure answer fast!  i’d like to give him a beating some time for some reality check, but who am i to stop these two people who are in no doubt…in love.  are they really inlove? 

are they soulmates?  they seem to click well together.  i’ve been given a chance to be with this lovebirds once….and boy, they are inseparable.  more like glued to each other.  and i’m not talking bout some elmer’s glue type-of-glue here…locktite maybe? 

sometimes i see niknok smiling and trying to keep himself from laughing..alone. scary…freaky but funny, really.  don’t dare ask him why coz you’d be up for some storytelling bout pokwang.  sometimes its annoying…but most of the time i find myself feeling envious.  i envy them because after all these years, they still manage to find each other and have something they call LOVE. 

is it really love?  hmmm…let’s see.  geesh, i feel like a papparazzi on these lovestruck souls…the first time i heard about their story, i immediately judged it not to be LOVE but something else (uh-huh…you read my mind, yeah!)  but now…i am beginning to be confused myself.  maybe it is LOVE.  LOVE at the wrong time.  (damn, get me those lyrics!)

but i remember something that one “poker-faced guy” said…”in love, there’s no such thing as wrong timing…it’s just LOVE. period!”

okay, fine…

(rolls eyes)

note: sorry for the post title…im being a retard, can’t find the right title for this nonsense post.


~ by iamsutil on May 26, 2008.

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