no…it’s not…and it will never be…or will it?

i need to tell her that it’s not what she thinks it to be.  it’s way too complicated to get herself into such situation..she’ll be at the losing end and on top of it all, she won’t like what she’s gonna be if she let herself fall in that “trap.”

but how come she feels happy just thinking about it?  it’s like drugs…addicting.  makes her feel high and happy…and forget about everything else. she knows it’s wrong…so wrong.  but she feels so damn right…and can even defend herself without batting an eyelash. 

stupid, hard-headed girl!

one time, i almost knock her head real hard so she’ll be back into reality.  but seeing her happy makes me wanna understand her.  seeing her giddy everyday makes me wanna let her be.  should i? 

i want to be a good friend…i want to make things right for her.  but how…seeing her happy makes me happy…

maybe i should stop worrying about it too much for now…or should i?




~ by iamsutil on May 14, 2008.

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